What the guests say...

We provide the perfect holiday atmosphere so you

can create memories to last a lifetime.


We completely enjoyed every aspect of this amazing trip. Our expectations were more than exceeded in every way! Stephanie treated us to gourmet meals every day. I don’t think that any of us have ever eaten so well. Kennon was a fabulous captain and host. Our drinks were never empty and his positive attitude started and ended every day with a smile. We thank you so much for your incredible hospitality!


- E. Sullivan

Thank you Stephane and Kennon! We though the highlight of the trip would be the boat - BUT the two of you and your hospitality & kindness, took the experience to another level. Thanks for making us feel so welcome - teaching us, laughing with (and a few times at) us :). Thank you for a great week of fun!


- The Tallents​

We can’t thank you enough or your hospitality and amazing food. The kids loved all of the water sports and every spot you chose was perfect. Best New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day ever!

- The Smiths​

I imagined this trip being fabulous but I never dreamt of how amazing it would actually be! Stephanie and Kennon seemed to anticipate every need, wish, thought…and fill it! I felt like a rock star on my very own yacht. Thanks for he super great food, drnks, and warm friendly hospitality! 


- B. Whatley